ADAS Chamber Operator and Advanced Chamber Operator

The Chamber Operator course is a stand-alone program for divers and non-divers. However the program is incorporated in the Part 3 SSBA Diver to 50 metre course. The course includes the operation and maintenance of decompression chambers. All Part 3 and Part 3 (Restricted) divers will be certified specifically as Chamber Operators and this certification is relevant to non-diving hyperbaric operations. ADAS Part 1 or Part 2 divers may be certified on successfully undertaking the six day program. Non divers may also be certified as an ADAS Chamber Operator following a minimum of ten days of training. The aim of the course is to prepare personnel with appropriate diving physics and physiology theory competencies and the practical skills necessary to safely operate a Mono or Multiplace compression chamber for decompression and recompression operations for diving operations and therapeutic treatments.

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